After the latest software development, a new hardware version is now also available:


A bluetooth port now enables communication with all of the latest IT gadgets. Your cockpit tablet is at last supplied with precise and reliable data. It enables to calculate a route for the maximum possible OLC-score f. i. with the help of the free software XCSOAR and using the flight parameters of the actual flight as reference data.Independently of any other device, the SKYTRAXX cancalculate an optimum FAI-triangle. Further hardware additions include a magnetic compass and a G-force sensor.

The compass indicates the heading even when the unit is stationary, for example whilst waiting to take off. This is a most useful feature already found in many cell-phones but as yet hardly seen in flight instruments. The G-force sensor measures the G-force in all three axes. The pilot can set an alarm signal when reaching a certain acceleration limit he has determined, for instance, in a G-force trainer. Thus a pilot can fly deep spirals in the knowledge that, independently of the lift or sink rate of the airmass surrounding him, his personal G-limit will not be exceeded.

 SKYTRAXX 2.0 Plus features

• Very user-friendly, hi-tech variometer with extreme sensitivity (<5cm)

• Large display with grey graduation and optimal contrast

• Barometric altimeter over GPS calibrated up to 20,000m

• Very sensitive vario: response time <1 sec.

• Compact unit with integrated GPS and flight-logger

• 32 Bit Risc processor

• 4GB memory

• 3D G-sensor

• Magnetic compass

• Bluetooth

• Database including all launch sites world-wide

• Airspace data for 31 countries

• Height above ground indication

• Voice output capability

• Creates IGC-signatured files

• 3 user-definable display fields



• Absolute altitude, relative height, cumulative altitude gain, units in either metres or feet

• AGL (height above ground)

• Digital vario

• Glide ratio

• Ground speed

• Wind speed and direction

• Thermal positioning using a track marker

• Distance from take-off

• Track

• Battery charging indicator

• GPS reception indicator

• Flight-time, time of day

• Wide range of GPS coordinate formats

• Temperature in °C or Fahrenheit

• QNH indicator

• Flight-level

• Distance to waypoint, required glide angle to reach waypoint

• Distance to the next expected airspace

• Battery charge indicator



• Digital vario indicator ±30m/s

• Analogue vario ±8m/s

• 66-channel GPS module. Up-date rate up to 10 times per second

• USB port

• Bluetooth

• G-force sensor

• Magnetic compass

• 4GB memory

• Power supply: 3.7V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 2600mAh

• Operation time on one charge: 30-40 hours

• Metric M4 internal screwthread on back for mounting devices

• Dimensions (LxWxT) 120mm x 98mm x 27mm

• Weight 185g


Unit supplied with:

• Skytraxx 2.0 PLUS variometer

• Skytraxx case

• Skytraxx storage box

• Mains adaptor

• USB cable


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