Latest hi-tech components allow for a high precisionand fast instrument without sacrificing battery life. Its full-color high-contrast display is optimized forusage in direct sunlight, and our simple yet powerful user interface is developed to be fully controllablewith gloves.

We are continuously developing and improving the features of this device. In case of any feature requests or bug reports, please feel free to contact us.

Highlights SKYTRAXX 3.0

• Specially developed for the needs of para-gliders

• Easy to use, easy to read (letters can be scaled up to 1cm)

• Changeable menu complexity: Easy and advanced

• Quick tooltips for convenience

• No touch screen

• 4 big haptic buttons for optimal control while wearing gloves

• Highly customize-able screen optimized for direct sunlight

• Automatic display brightness control to prolong the battery life

• Sensor fusion to provide accurate and fast responding climb values (AHRS)

• Customizable vario tone profile

• Multi user support

• Worldwide flying sites (incl. waypoints)

• Worldwide airspaces

• Europe-wide Maps (Terrain + Topology) Other maps will be generated upon request

• Real-time OLC statistics (flight type, distance, and score)

• Advanced navigation - FAI Sectors - Goto - Routes

• Competition functions (implemented according to PWCA 2016 rules)

• Language support: - English - German - France - Spanish (soon)

• USB A host connector for extensions like WiFi and others stay tuned!

• Long battery life (20h+)

• Future-proof and easy to repair due to its modular design

• Music playback

• Open platform for developer


Customizable Screens

The flight-screen supports as many individual screens as you desire. A variety of widget can be placed on each screen. More than 30 widgets in various shapes and size are available right now. This number will increase in the future. Two soft-keys per screen can be configured to provide a functionality like map zoom or volume control. If a widget is missing, please contact our support team. We will try to come up with a solution.


Technical Details

• Full-color 4.3“ display

• ARM Cortex-A5 (500Mhz)

• 128MB DDR3 RAM

• 8GB internal storage

• Notification LED

• Sensors: - Pressure - Acceleration - Gyro - Magnetometer - Light - GNSS (GPS)

• USB A Host

• Micro USB (OTG)

• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (6800mAh)

• Dimensions:

(L x W x H) 110mm x 120mm x 27mm

• Weight: 300g


Scope of Delivery

• Skytraxx 3.0

• Storage box

• USB charger

• Micro USB cabel

• Softcase with velcro


Fon  +49-7668-9960481
Fax  +49-7668-9960482
Mail  info(at)conntend(dot)de